Commitment to service and professionalism are the guiding forces behind our funeral homes. There is nothing more important to us than the trust a family places in our ability to help guide them through a most difficult time. Our goal is to work with each family to provide the service that fits their needs with dignity and honor at a reasonable cost.

Funerals and Events


There are currently no funerals or events scheduled.


Aug 20 : 3:00 pm
Funeral service for Justa I. Treusdell
by Harmon - Watson

Aug 20 : 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
Calling hours for Justa I. Treusdell
by Harmon - Watson

Aug 16 : 11:00 am
Funeral Service for Harold M. Schoff
by Robinson and Hackemer

Aug 15 : 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Calling Hours for Harold M. Schoff
by Robinson and Hackemer

Aug 15 : 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Calling Hours for Harold M. Schoff
by Robinson and Hackemer

Common Questions

What costs are involved in a funeral?

There are three basic categories involved in funeral costs:

a.) Funeral Home Service Charges - Costs related to the services provided by the funeral home i.e. staff, facilities, arrangements and supervision, use of equipment and livery.
b.) Merchandise - Casket, burial vault, urn, register book, memorial cards, acknowledgment cards.
c.) Cash Advances - Charges by third parties i.e. Cemetery, crematory, clergy, church, death notices, copies of death certificate.

Words for Loved Ones

For David J. Rafferty : So sorry, my thoughts and prayers to the family. Miss Thiell.

For Harold M. Schoff : Harold was as a second father to many of us – which is why it was easy for us to call him “Father Schoff.” He seemed to have a bottomless capacity for helping others. He always had time to listen and consider your point of view – even if you were wrong. Then, he would explain his point of view by anecdote, joke or funny story – and usually you would end up agreeing with him. He had a great sense of Right and Wrong – of Good Form and of Poor Form – and he led by example. He endeared himself to us in many ways but particularly because he reminded us of the America that most of us grew up in: humble beginnings, self-reliance, hard work, respect for others, civic-mindedness, cheerfulness, love of family, frugality. His ability to fix things was legendary. He shared our highest rating for Frugality with only one other: Father MacLaren, also of South Warsaw. Both were FRUBAR (a civilian variant of a well-known military acronym): Frugal Beyond All Recognition.

Father Schoff was a legend in his own time. He gave a lot of people many excellent memories and we are all grateful for that. Perhaps the best way to honor Father Schoff is to try to hold true to his values. Our efforts to meet his standards will keep him with us. Father Schoff: a life well lived. We will miss him. The entire family is in our hearts and prayers. Godspeed Father Schoff!

For Justa I. Treusdell : Larry, Sallye and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. I have always treasured my visit with your Mother a few years back. She filled me in on the Clute family. I tried to have her give the picture she had of my great-grandpa James Clute from the Civil War,but she wouldn't part with it, and I understood. She did give me a picture of her Mother, my Aunt Dolly which is in my Clute genealogy.I always wanted to get back to visit her again but never did. You all take good care. I love you! Cousin, Carol