Common Questions

What costs are involved in a funeral?

There are three basic categories involved in funeral costs:

a.) Funeral Home Service Charges - Costs related to the services provided by the funeral home i.e. staff, facilities, arrangements and supervision, use of equipment and livery.
b.) Merchandise - Casket, burial vault, urn, register book, memorial cards, acknowledgment cards.
c.) Cash Advances - Charges by third parties i.e. Cemetery, crematory, clergy, church, death notices, copies of death certificate.

What are my options when arranging a funeral?

Each and every family is unique and as such has unique needs. More and more, families are making arrangements which fit their own personal ideas of memorialization. Today's funeral director is adept at working with loved ones to insure that their wishes are met. A truly meaningful funeral is one that helps a family through a very difficult and confusing time and beings the healing process.

What is pre-planning?

Pre-Planning is simply the process of providing a set of instructions for funeral arrangements prior to the time of death. Some people also choose to pre pay these arrangements.

How do I pre pay a funeral?

Once the type of arrangements are decided upon (i.e. Burial or cremation, viewing, calling hours, service), a funeral director can arrive at a total cost estimate. The expenses can then be paid either in full or in part. The monies by New York State law then are placed into an interest bearing account in the name of the individual with the funeral home listed as the trustee.

Can I change my pre need arrangements?

Yes. It is advisable to periodically review the arrangement. Circumstances and needs can change. You are always in control of your arrangements.

Once I pay for the arrangements will they be guaranteed?

If the arrangements have been paid in full, we guaranty all funeral home charges and merchandise charges will be paid in full at the time of death. We do not have any control of cash advance items, however if the monies are placed in a proper interest bearing account, often times these expenses are covered completely as well.

Are these monies protected?

Yes. All funds are placed into interest bearing accounts. A funeral director can explain how these accounts are setup and administered.