Susan J. Taylor Davila

July 7, 1954 - July 7, 2012

Age 58, of Exchange St., Attica, died July 7, 2012 at the Wyoming County Community Hospital in Warsaw.

She was born July 7, 1954 in Syracuse daughter of the late Raymond D. Taylor, Sr. and Dorothy Horner Taylor. Susan was the shelter manager for the Wyoming County SPCA for many years. She loved cats and dedicated her life to the care and shelter of animals. She enjoyed riding motorcycles and playing bingo. Susan was a member of the Humane Society, the ASPCA and the Arbor Foundation.

Surviving are her husband of 21 years, Adner Davila whom she married April 27, 1991; her stepchildren, Sha Meeka (Irvin) Davila Valiente of Long Island, Selena Davila of Far Rockaway, NY, Kareem Johnakin of Bethlehem, PA; her grandchildren, Ibeliz, Cristian, Adamaris, Justin, Kareem, Jr. and Kyllah; her sisters, Debbie Taylor of Syracuse, Alice Ford of Liverpool, Laura (David) Taylor Dine of Liverpool; her brothers, John (Melody) Wales of North Carolina, Richard (Dorothy) Wales of Arizona, Raymond D. Taylor, Jr. of Syracuse, David Taylor of Syracuse, Lawrence Taylor of Syracuse; her father in law, George Davila, Sr. of Far Rockaway; her in laws, Jose (Nancy) Davila of Syracuse, David (Raquel) Davila of Milwaukee, Abigail Davila of California, Miriam Davila of Far Rockaway, Doris Davila of Far Rockaway; several nieces, nephews, great nieces and great nephews. She was the sister of the late George (Doreen) Taylor; daughter in law of the late Muriel Davila and sister in law of the late George Davila, Jr. and Louis Davila.

Friends may call Wednesday 2 – 4 PM at Robinson & Hackemer Funeral Home, 246 N. Main St., Warsaw where a service will be held immediately following calling hours at 4 PM.

Important Dates

July 11, 2012 : Calling hours for Susan J. Taylor Davila - 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

July 11, 2012 : Funeral service for Susan J. Taylor Davila - 8:00 PM

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Mar 26.14 from Kati:
This is very late, but after curiosity struck me, I felt the need to look up Sue only to find this sad news. I volunteered at the Wyoming County SPCA for more than a year, and Sue was a wonderful person. At first she seemed very tough, but once you got to know her you could see how much she loved each and every cat and kitten - feral or domestic, with all of her heart. She will be dearly missed and I will always remember her. Rest in peace Sue.

Dec 6.12 from Olivia:
Rest In Peace. May God Bless You. You did your best.

Jul 20.12 from Lorraine Wahl:
I just heard of Sue's passing. What a wonderful person she was, with the most compassionate heart. I wished I could have supported her in her time of need, but I couldn't contact her. She blessed my life when I could no longer keep a kitty and she rescued me as well as my animal. So her compassion went beyond the animals. I was going through alot at the time. I will be praying for you and your family. The world has lost a wonderful person. I'm so sorry.

Jul 18.12 from Joanne McGrath:
I never met Sue but I understand her pain and the dilemma she was in when alive. I was the founder of the former St. Francis Animal Sanctuary in Buffalo. I poured all my time and $ inro saving unadoptable cats and dogs and was rewarded with public humiliation and the destruction of my reputation. Animal rescue volunteers are not often interested in doing actual physical work, and are quick to criticize instead of offering help. The Erie Co. SPCA in particular targets other animal rescue groups with no mercy or compassion, and without offering any help at all. They are paid workers in a "kill" shelter, hardened to the deaths of animals, and primarily interested in self-promotion and publicity. They were instrumental in making Sue feel alone and persecuted. I also understand how hard it was for Sue to rescue an animal and then send it into a situation that could be worse than the one it came from. It feels like a violation of the animal's trust. But many rescue groups have resorted to "assembly-line" dispensing of cats. Being fussy about homes did not make Sue a hoarder. The sad thing is that there simply are not enough good homes for the skyrocketing cat population. Over the last three years, I've wished for the peace that I hope Sue feels now. I hope she understands now that what happened was not about her. I hope that the animals that went before her and knew her true colors are there with her, loving her now, as she deserves.

Jul 16.12 from Diane M Denton:
It has been so moving to read the tributes that have come before mine. I can only echo what others have said, that Sue was a beautiful soul who loved animals in all ways, but especially through her hard work and dedication. My mom and I have a wonderful kitty family - two pairs of brothers - because of her rescue efforts, and they remind us everyday of her truly angelic spirit. I love that others have seen her in the image of St Francis. She did everything she could to protect animals who were the victim of real abusers. The accusers who broke her heart should be ashamed. My deepest condolences to her family, but I know she is now surrounded by the sweet creatures who will love her in eternal gratefulness. She will be missed.

Jul 15.12 from Richard and Paula Thomas:
We cannot express enough admiration for all that Sue was, accomplished, and persevered. She was the modern-day St. Francis. Even her family called her "Dr. SueLittle". She was fortunate to have a loving and understanding husband who shared Sue with all of us. Those of us who knew Sue, know the truth. We've known her for twelve years and were lucky to have crossed paths with her. Sue, you will be forever in our hearts, Rich and Paula

Jul 15.12 from Alice Santoro and "Rocky":
I will be forever grateful for "raising " Rocky until I came to give him his forever home. i have always had and will continue to have the utmost respect for you, Sue,-you gave so much of yourself for the love of animals. I am proud to have known you.

Jul 14.12 from joan c coventry:
Please accept my condolences for Sue. She surely was given a raw deal. Now she'll be with all the angels in pet heaven. I shall miss her.

Jul 13.12 from Joan Myers:
My husband Jeff and I had the pleasure of knowing Sue. We met her in Dec. 2009. We had gone to the Ezatern Hills Mall to see a movie and ended up adopting a kitten. When we went to pick him up a few days later Sue talked us into a second cat. "Two for the price of one", she said. It is comforting to know thatSeabiscuit and Davey now have a guardian angel watching over them. Sue, we all love you and you. RIP. Until we meet again.

Jul 12.12 from Anthony Diaz and Robin Walsh:
Some have said this about Sue... and others say that about Sue... Some measure her by what others say...and others measure her by hearsay.
But none can say this or that and measure her like the Diaz family.We say this about Sue...She put many happy MEOWS in the voices of the night when the cruelty of the world tried to silence them.And we know Sue put MEOWS in the homes of those who love cats like they love their sons and daughters.
The Diaz family measures Sue as a giant in the world of MEOWS.So stand tall, stand proud her MEOWS will be missed most of all.But in the night all the cats MEOWS will be heard because of Sue.
A poem written by the Diaz family.
R.I.P. Sue, you will be missed.
Anthony, Robin and Jason

Jul 11.12 from Nancy Weisbeck:
No one had a bigger heart when it came to the critters - to have been put through what she went through is completely unfair. Sue's only problem was that she cared TOO much....God now has someone to help Him and St. Francis. My heartfelt sympathy to her family - know that Sue was a good, loving, caretaker of unwanted/unloved animals!

Jul 11.12 from Ann & Josh Alexander and Anne Painter:
We met Sue in February of this year when I came to get two cats for Josh, my son, for his birthday. She was the most caring, nuturing person I have met in a long time. She truly had compassion for all the beautiful animals in her care. When one of Josh's cats got sick after being taken home, she took him back and nursed him back to health. When we adopted the cats, I told her they would have a good home and she said, I know they will or you would not be getting them - she was not a hoarder, she was careful because she had seen such terrible abuse. When we went to pick up Milton after he recovered, the sheriff's department was at Eastern Hills Mall and they should be ashamed of the way they treated those little animals - grabbing them by their tails and chasing them and frightening them to death. I told the Erie County SPCA about the way I saw them being treated and they weren't at all concerned. Sue would never have stood for ill treatment of an animal. I would say that St. Francis is welcoming her with open arms and she will truly be welcomed in the animal kingdom in the heaven. May she rest in peace always.

Jul 11.12 from Kathi:
RIP Sue, I enjoyed all the times I came to the shelter. You truly loved each and every animal who found its way to your doorstep. I know that you are now surrounded by happy purring kitties. Bless you for all you did to make this world a better place.

Jul 11.12 from David & Alice M Phelps:
We send you our heartfelt sympathy. We knew Susan several years ago when we got a cute kitty for our Granddaughter. Susan was so kind and explained all the details about the kitty. We knew Susan to be a very loving & caring person.
Our prayers are with you all.
David & Alice Phelps, Batavia, NY

Jul 11.12 from Kris W.:
Sue is and always was an angel! Sue did connet with cats more then people and thank God for that. I have 3 kitties from Sue and they bring me great joy and happiness! I really find it amazing how some dressed up fancy people could say Sue wasn't there for the cats...have you ever seen Sue not covered in cat hair?? My love and gratitude will continue to follow Sue and may she rest in peace and enjoy the healty animals in heaven!! I will miss you Sue!!

Jul 11.12 from Diana Trautman:
Three years ago, we wanted to get our cat a brother. We chose to get one from Wyo Cou. SPCA. As we walked about with Sue, you could tell she absolutely loved her cats. She knew each one by name. It amazed me. We chose Jerome "Romey" & a few days later when it was time to go pick him up, I remember Sue telling me how much she loved him (and all the cats) & how he was like her child. After the raid, I just remember shaking my head and saying people just didn't understand her. She meant well. She loved those cats! RIP Sue. You were a great lady. Our family and Romey are happy because of you smile

Jul 10.12 from Linda Newton:
I'm so sorry for your loss. I did not know Sue but certainly can see that she loved animals so that in itself made her a very special person. I will keep you in my prayers that somehow God will help you find some peace through all this. Linda from EAS.

Jul 10.12 from Debbie Medbury-Boxhorn:
There are no words, except I am truly sorry for your loss.

Debbie Medbury-Boxhorn

Jul 10.12 from lorrie germain:
Arnie, I am sorry for your loss. You truly were a devoted husband. May God have mercy on Sue's soul and may he bring you peace in the coming difficult days. Sincerely,
Lorrie Germain Shelter worker 2001-2007

Jul 10.12 from Lynda Domnissey:
Two years ago my older cat died and another was sick and had to be euthanized. My life is empty without cats. I went to the animal shelter and picked out a brother and sister- Buffy and Jody. They had the sniffles and Sue was taking care of them,and many others, by herself. She called one day and said they were ready, do we still want them? That was 2 years ago. They are a part of our family and for that i am grateful to Sue. She should be recognized for doing the best she could do with not alot of help.

Jul 10.12 from smb:
Anyone who met you knows how much you truly loved your cats. Rest in peace Sue.

Jul 9.12 from Donna Beck Mackowiak:
Sue Davilla was a kind to animals,straight forward human being and was often totally misunderstood by the world around her...
Sue would ALWAYS try to help any animal she met.They were more important to her than most people. When WYO CO SPCA hired Sue there were only a few cats and dogs involved and everything was handled easily. I was one of the humans she barely tolerated, but I had and have a great respect for what she tried to do...As time went by people let her down! but the cats multiplied and she became totally overwhelmed! Sue needed help in more ways than one and didn't get it. I wish I had done more in the early days. But in Susan's memory things need to change for the better, she would want that, without the drama of people trying to be more important, than each other and remember the animls, present day not past. Rest in peace Sue, I trust you to take careof the many animals that went before. Now your broken heart is healed and you WILL be understood..
Donna Beck Mackowiak

Jul 9.12 from Lindsay Taylor:
I know your watching down on us now. I know we havent seen much of eachother throughtout the years but you were still my Aunt and a part of my family. I will always love you. Rest in Peace Aunt Susie!

Jul 9.12 from Judy Hotchkin:
May God bless Sue. May she be in a paradise of healthy happy animals with out any cruelty or suffering. She saved and helped so many. My beautiful "kids" are here because of her. Now heaven has another angel for the animals.

Jul 9.12 from sue ash:
sue was a fantastic lady. she will be missed